Some of my Projects

Original Title

Original Title

A CGI Placeholder which was superseded by the animation.

Cornerhouse Blackboard

Cornerhouse Blackboard

CGI Blackboard

The Burn

The Burn

Photoshop Mockup of the Burn

Monday Club

Monday Club

Shooting the Cornerhouse Burger™

The Cornerhouse Promo

A slide show to promote various aspects of the business via TV screens throughout the Bar. Originally this was going to feature a lot more filming though it became apparent that photo’s would be a little more versatile. Toward the end of the video, there’s a Photoshop Mockup I did of their new premises, The Burn. Nice to hear no one knew it wasn’t an actual photo.

Skill Set’s demonstrated:

  • Photography
  • Photoshop
  • Editing
  • CGI (The Intro and the Little Chalkboard)

All photography is mine, apart from 1 shot of the Rekorderlig credit of which goes to Neil Flockett. The image of me shooting the burger is Neil too.

Aerial Philming

Aerial shooting with Schonne Volkemann

Schonne and I

Weighing up a shot


My trusty Phantom Quadcopter.


Nez as Jesus during our Easter Sunday shoot.

Vrotvig – Jesus Came in my Face

My first (and only, to date) foray into a little ‘film’ making. The back story is that a washed up Christian Metal band from Erps Kwerps (a real place) in Belgium, are trying to make a comeback. They don’t quite have the grasp of the English Language, hence the title could be construed as a little offensive though this is clearly not the case. That said, filming a Bass Player from a Sunderland Metal band, dressed up as Jesus, on Easter Sunday, probably is. For clarity however, we’re making fun of the all the naff Christian “Metal” bands and not religion. Still, its an amusing little video, form your own opinion.

The above video, whatever your opinion of the content, is an unusual yet fairly comprehensive CV given my contribution:

  • All Instrumentation, Production and Mix of the Song
  • All Camera Work
  • Aerial Photography
  • All Video Editing
  • Green Screen
  • 3D Graphics and CGI
  • Compositing

That said, creative comedy Kudos has to go to the other guys:

  • Concept: Dave Reynolds, Tony Wright and Steve Wright.
  • Animation Sequence: Dave Reynolds
  • Song Written by: Tony Wright and Dave Reynolds
  • Images to the left – Dave Reynolds

Vrotvig – Beat the Devil with a Shitty Stick

Another stroke of Comedy genius from Wright and Reynolds. This was filmed on an old “HD” Camcorder with inadequate lighting. DeeExpus drummer Henry Rogers stood in for the drumming shots.

Once again credit to Dave Reynolds and Tony Wright for the Songwriting and Comedy ideas, and credit to Dave Reynolds for the brilliant Pythonesque Animation and title screen.

My Contribution:

  • All Instrumentation, Production and Mixing of the Song
  • Camcorder and Video Editing


This is Henry Rogers during the recording of “Bridges” for DeeExpus new Album; The Liar, The Witch and The Warhorse. Filmed at Hens Studio in Newcastle under Lyme.


Just a short edit of some Wind Turbine footage shot with my DJI Phantom and a Go Pro Hero 3+

The Garden

My Folks have a beautiful Garden, so I made them a little video.