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No one likes filling out questionnaires, so I apologise in advance for thrusting this at you at this stage. The thing is, all of this information is relevant in order to put together a bespoke and suitable website and wherever you choose to go for your site, you’re going to need to collate the majority of this information anyway. Might as well get it out of the way!

There are very few *required fields in the following sections, so if you dont know or dont have the information, just skip it.

Preferably, just the one lovely person. It can get a little confusing when several people with differing opinions are issuing a variety of instructions.
If different from above
Sometimes, its just good to talk ...
Sometimes, its just good to talk ... again.
I need to communicate via email. Dealing with images and content via Facebook or WhatsApp is a headache, sorry.
If you have an email you use for Dropbox or Google drive, please enter it here.
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