A full 'picture' package for your website including photography, 3D photo-real renders and even drone photography.

Taking a picture of The Cornerhouse Burger
There’s no doubt that smartphone camera’s have come a long way in recent years. Moreover, pictures taken with your phone can certainly be usable for your website or literature.

On the other hand, a “professional” photographer with the right lighting, using a good lens and a little talent can enhance your brand or website no end. Therefor, DXPS offers a full photography package including studio lighting, product and location photography. I even hold CAA permission for aerial operations for Drone shots.

Is your product unavailable or unsuitable for photography? In this instance, your product can be built virtually and photoreal 3d renders generated. Some companies prefer to do this for the look and feel of pristine imagery on their literature.

I am a qualified CAD technician and have been working with 3D Renders for over 15 years.

The Burn Logo
Soup and Sandwich Photo
Cornerhouse Burger Photo
English Breakfast Photo
The Burn Fish Friday Banner
The Burn Steak Night banner
Greene King Beer Pump
The Cornerhouse Front
Photo of some Merlot Bottles
Cornerhouse Logo
Lunch A-Board
Breakfast A-Board
Sunday Lunch A-Board
Cocktail A-Board

Need a logo or some Graphics for your Website?

Need a logo or some Graphics for your Website?

Bearing Photos

Some of KC Engineering’s range of bearings.
J - Series Bearing Photo
T - Series Bearing
K - Series Bearing

Bearing 3D Renders

Some of KC Engineering’s range of bearings, modeled, textured and rendered by DXP.
L - Series Bearing 3d render
Q - Series Bearing 3d render
V - Series Bearing 3d render
KC Engineering Staff
KC Engineering Tools
3d Render of an Inverter
3d Render of an Inverter
3d Render of an Inverter

Solar Power Inverter

Modeled textured and rendered by DXP for Offgrid Powergen.

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