Offgrid Inverter 3D renders

By May 10, 20183d Renders
Solar Inverter for Offgrid Powergen
3d model of Inverter

This week I have been mostly playing with models.

More precisely, I’ve been modelling a new Solar Power Inverter for Offgrid Powergen. I then used the subsequent 3d renders for their website overhaul.

3d work is incredibly time consuming, but the end result is exceptionally rewarding.

8Kw Solar Inverter off - 3D Render
8Kw Solar Inverter open - 3D Render
8Kw Solar Inverter powered - 3D Render

The Display

I created the vector graphics initially in Adboe Illustrator before moving to Photoshop. There I added a little blurring, an RGB overlay and some colour correction. Time spent on detail lend those touches of realism to the finished 3d renders.

Vector Display created in Illustrator
Inverter Display created in Photoshop

If you’d like to see the resulting web page, click the logo below and head over to Offgrid’s site. Tell them I sent you …

Offgrid Powergen Logo