A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away ...

Well, 2 years ago, in my Studio to be precise …

I commenced work on my very own, built from scratch, X Wing Fighter.

Using as many reference pictures as I could find, along with the odd blue print here and there, I started to create as accurately as I could a replica of the on screen original.

The more I looked into it and the more research I did however, it quickly became apparent that there are many MANY versions of the same alleged X Wing. The large Movie models differed in detail from the small ones, some had little detail at all as they were used in background shots and coupled with everyone else who’d had a go at a model and posted the results, the images available were inconsistent to say the least.

DXPS 3D Model - X-Wing Top Down View
DXPS 3D Model - X-Wing Top Front View with Open Cockpit
DXPS 3D Model - X-Wing Top Rear View

I eventually elected to add to the mix and try a crisp clean, fresh off the Incom production line T65 X-wing Fighter.

DXPS 3D Model - X-Wing Cockpit Interior

Cockpit Detailing

I spent as long on building the cockpit as the rest of the ship, modelling each component as faithfully as I could. Still needs Control Column and a little more detailing around the arm rests.

Rigged for Animation

The X-Wing’s Canopy, Landing Gear and Wings, as well as Artoo’s head are all rigged with corresponding Pistons and Hinges.

Turn your speakers down!

DXPS 3D Model - X-Wing Side View
DXPS 3D Model - X-Wing Side View

Of course, no X-wing would be complete without an adversary or three to fight …

DXPS 3D Rendering - TIE Fighters

And of course, a good old final Battle

I relented and added some weathering. Initial scene rendered out and brought into Photoshop for some movie still effects and motion blur.

DXPS 3D Rendering - DX-Wing Scene by DXP Solutions

Bespoke Prints Available

DXPS 3D Rendering - X-Wing framed prints

If you would like to order your very own high quality print to frame or maybe just a massive X-Wing poster with you sitting in the cockpit, feel free to get in touch.

I print up to 1000mm wide by any length. I can even print wallpaper …

The Model is also for sale for use in your own Productions or Renders.

Hope to hear from you soon!

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