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One of my favourite scenarios is a client who comes to me with absolutely nothing in terms of marketing material. This was the case with Offgrid Powergen.

Although established for a couple of years, Offgrid was still very much in its infancy with primary focus being product sourcing and development. CEO Tim Peters approached me back in 2016 with a view to progressing branding and marketing material and to build a web presence for the company.

2 years down the line, the business is really starting to take shape with 2 fully functional test systems in situ and big plans afoot for 2018.

As far as DXPS goes: branding for the Company and Product ranges are established, the website is built, promotional literature designed, product images rendered and I’ve even been called to design and print a large shell scheme for a trade show in South Africa.

I’m really grateful to have been asked to be involved with Offgrid Powergen and incredibly proud of the results we have achieved so far.


Branding and Building Online Presence


Offgrid Powergen

What I Did

Company Branding, Product Branding, Responsive Web Design, Rendered Product Visualisations, Infographics, Icon Design, 3D Graphics.

Bespoke Icons, eye catching

colour and 3D Rendered


Individual product ranges needed their own representation on the site and I wanted to create distinctive and colourful designs for ease of recognition. Each page on the site carries an animated version of the respective logo as its header.

Ranges have their

own “toytown” 3d model to

compliment the logo.

Utilising the model, i built small areas to illustrate the effectiveness of using Offgrid systems, mainly because areas of South Africa are perpetually thrown into darkness with power outages.

Product visuals

built from scratch

and rendered.

For a variety of reasons, we chose to build product virtually and render images. This is partly because the products are still in development, but having 3d models is far more versatile for creating images on the fly.

Bespoke icons and flat

colour coded infographics

for each product range.

I designed a set of simplified infographics to easily illustrate each Power Range system. All icons are bespoke and unique to Offgrid.