My Story

Professionally, I have been in the Office Furniture Industry most of my working life. For 20 years I helped build a business contributing significantly in terms of Sales and Marketing, before having no option but to leave due to my position becoming untenable. During this time I was responsible for all of the company’s Promotional and Sales Literature, CAD and Design work and developed skills in AutoCAD, Photoshop and Excel. I am now a Divisional Director at Harlequin Office Furniture Ltd.

My spare time has primarily been spent being creative, in one form or another. DeeExpus, my Band, has been a massive part of my life since about 2005 and although hasn’t exactly made me a living, I’ve enjoyed great personal success with our two Studio Albums (a third on the way) and have toured across the UK, USA and Europe.

Lately, for various reasons and in varying degree’s of competency, Ive been progressing with Film Making, Photography, Video Editing (though Ive been doing this for a number of years) and CGI.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Logic Pro (Audio)


AutoCAD (Design)


Photoshop (Design)


InDesign (Design)


Cinema 4D (3D)


WordPress (Web)


Excel (Systems)


Final Cut Pro (Video)


Motion (Video)


Clients – Past and Present