Most of my experience as a 3D Artist comes from creating Models and 3D Renders for various Office Furniture product illustrations. More recently I’ve been working with more gratifying projects including a little Animation. And Star Wars … (obviously!)

The DX-Wing Project

The original Idea was to create my XWing model as though fresh from the Incom™ production line and brand new, unlike the old “weathered” version in the Movies. Ive tried to detail the model so that parts hidden in some configurations still hint to their existence (cockpit lights through the canopy for example). The model is rigged so that the Wings, Canopy, Landing gear and Artoo can be animated and stills created in any configuration.

Xwing Side
Xwing Front Perspective
X Wing Back View
DX Wing Back Perspective View

Product Visualisation

Although you can’t beat a great photographer, sometimes a 3D Artist modelling your product has distinct advantages over photographing it. Images can be created from any angle, in any environment, at any time eliminating the need for costly studio’s and transportation. Also, colours can be changed (as in the case of the Hbeam desk below) with minimum effort, creating examples of colour options as needed. Should you have a product in mind, or require a 3D artist for any project please don’t hesitate to contact me for a chat.