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Hi, I’m Andy, and I’m REALLY GOOD at designing stuff!

I’ve been doing stuff Im Really Good at, since way back when I wasnt very good at it.

Having come a long way since then, I’m therefor compiling all the things I’m Really Good at and offering them to you.

… You’re Welcome.

Graphic Design

Having spent many years training myself to be really good at designing stuff, it’d be remiss of me not to inform you of what it is that I’m really good at designing. Actually, thinking about it, theres rather a lot. Let’s just say, whatever you need designing, I’m probably really good at it, give me a shout.

3D Design

Supposing, like me, you’re really good at making a thing which you’re just dying to show the world. Because, like you, I’m also really good at making things, I can VIRTUALLY make your thing and render out really cool images of it. Head over to my 3D page, you’ll get the jist … or not … gimme a call, I’ll explain.

Web Design

Everyone can throw a website together these days, but some aren’t really good at it. I am however, and thats where I come in. I can host, sort your domain name, your email, your SEO, your photos, yadda yadda, and I can combine all of my really good skills to make your site SUPER Really Good! Oh yes.


I have 30 years experience performing, writing and recording music, though it’s the last 8 years in which I’ve become really good; with my Award Winning Band DeeExpus’ 2 Critically Acclaimed studio albums (a third in production). Before that, I was mediocre.

Video and Stills

From Aerial filming and photography, to product shots for your website, I can help because, you see, I’m really good at it. If you head on over to my Video page, you’ll see I’ve been really good at filming a guy dressed as Jesus, on a hill in Weardale amongst other things.

Excel VBA Programming

As rubbish a thing to be really good at as it seems, Excel is one of the greatest tools known to man. Whatever you do in your business, I can save you time and money by automating daily, mundane tasks and because I’m really good at it (obviously) we’re talking SAVE as opposed to save … like, Big Style!

You're Really Good at this shit!

Neil FlockettOperations Director - Cornerhouse Bars

Andy was brilliant to work with ...

Mark KellyKeyboard Player - Marillion

Andy is Awesome, if he was 80% less of a tit, he'd be perfect.

Henry RogersWorld Renowned Drummer

I LOVE my new website, thank you, thank you, thank you!! xx

Patti FirmantyMakeup Artist

I heard that Andy was multi talented but I got him in to re-plaster my bathroom ceiling and he was rubbish. Turns out he's really good at other stuff, though

Nik KershawGlobal Megastar and Thoroughly Nice Chap

I Bloody Love my Logo. You really capture the essence of what I like about my own work, as I'm sure you do with everyone you work with. You're a clever shit.

Sharon McInerneySharon McInerney Photographer

Mogli …

… the obligatory web-cat. Mogli hates me, but loves Dreamies. Its a Symbiotic relationship …

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